C (Essex) Company, 1st Battalion, Exercise in Cyprus

C Company deployed to the Western Sovereign Base Area on their two-week Basic Combat Syllabus exercise. The exercise was split into two parts with week one being focused on fitness, navigation and range time with the new SA80 A3s developing individual close quarter marksmanship skills. The week also included presentation and lessons on jungle warfare, the Cambrian Patrol and a historical perspective of urban operations from Stalingrad during the Second World War to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the present day.
This first week set the conditions for the following week’s urban focused operations in Paramali Village. The company deployed on Sunday night to platoon harbour areas and were thankfully bolstered by the arrival of a further 15 members who had been tasked elsewhere during the first week. The week started with a rotation of Section attack lane by night, Nav Ex and a challenging medical battle exercise. By midweek sections had moved into the village to conduct section-level room clearance drills led by the section commanders before putting them into practice with two challenging platoon-level attacks at night.
The Exercise culminated in a platoon RAID to SEIZE enemy assets and a lengthy extraction to a pickup location under harassing enemy fire. Overall, the platoons were able to get some much-needed training time before the company deploys on Exercise EAGER LION in Jordan later this year.