August update from our Museum

Throughout the Summer months we have continued to host an increasing number of Cadet visits to the Museum and the Regt Memorial here at Duxford – Over the past four years, the number of requests for visits by Cadet Detachments has risen dramatically. We are pleased to report that we the rate has increased from perhaps one cadet group a year to over 1000 cadets annually!

The Museum Volunteers and the Infantry Engagement teams give their valuable time to facilitate our cadet visits whenever they can. Their support is really appreciated as the museum couldn’t engage with as many Cadets as it does without them.

We have also spent some time conserving and preparing an unusual artefact – an Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) banner that is about to go into a temporary exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum. This is a banner from the 1970’s and is made from a bed sheet in confiscated in Long Kesh Prison before its completion. The exhibition at the Fitzwilliam will feature various conflicts over the years and things that have been defaced in the name of these struggles. The banner will feature in a catalogue for this exhibition and had quite a swish little photoshoot to capture it properly.

There have also been some improvements to the galleries. Our new introductory video has gone in on a larger newer screen. The old video stopped in about 1995, so it adds a lot more depth to the recent events as well as featuring serving regulars and officers. We also added a screen to behind the MILAN tableau, and this showcases events around the cold war. There will also be new TA/Reserve boards, and these have been a long time in the making. However, as they will be permanent we want to get them right.

The museum has also been given a motorcycle from Mali after the 2nd Battalions United Nations mission there. It has been put on display with photos, video captions and also a soldier in the most current serving kit. This kit has been kindly donated by the Regiment. It makes a nice display that is right inside the Land Warfare Hall and is one of the first things visitors see when they enter.

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