Army Reserve Leaders - welcomed to the Regiment

2nd Lieutenant Sam Mercer and 2nd Lieutenant Andrew Braithwaite are welcomed into the Royal Anglian Regiment by the Commanding Officer the 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment and Officer Commanding 3 (Essex and Hertfordshire) Company at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on 26 July on completion of the Commissioning Course Short.

The course (Commissioning Course Short) takes eight weeks to complete and is based directly on the Regular Commissioning Course. It is split equally into four modules. It is an intense, challenging course designed to teach the fundamentals of soldiering and develop Officer Cadets as leaders.

Someone who holds an Army Reserve commission will have learned a wide range of valuable leadership and managerial skills that can also be used in the civilian workplace. For that reason, many employers actively support employees who wish to become Army Reserve Officers.

They will take up their commands now and put everything they have learned into practice. The next step is honing their Infantry war fighting trade on the Platoon Commanders Battle Course. In this way, they will continue their professional journey as today’s Army Reserve Officers, charged with the responsibility of leading high-quality soldiers to deliver their very best in tough situations.

Before they took the bold step to embark on Commissioned Service, both started as soldiers in the 3rd Battalion The Royal Anglian, 2nd Lieutenant Sam Mercer in No. 5 Company in Peterborough, and 2nd Lieutenant Andrew Braithwaite in No. 3 Coy in Chelmsford and Hertford.

Supporting homegrown talent is an important part of the Steelbacks. Developing Officers for reserve and regular service in the Royal Anglian Regiment, Infantry or wider Army is just one of the ways in which the Army Reserve provides great opportunities for all. Congratulations to both – for their continued commitment to the country and for reaching this defining point in their careers.

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