A story of one of our Rejoiners

Born and raised in East Anglia, Soldier X joined the Army at 16, joining a Rifle Company initially before later moving to the coveted Reconnaissance platoon.

After a number of years’ service, Soldier X (now a Lance Corporal) decided that the Army was no longer what he wanted. “I was frustrated”, he explains; “I felt that I wasn’t moving forward or learning things at a pace I wanted to”. Soldier X left the Army in 2015 with plans to start university.

But the story does not end there.

After three years his plans had changed and, on reflection, he realised that what he probably needed was simply time to recharge after a busy, operationally focused period.

He made the decision to re-join and, once some initial hurdles with the new recruiting system had been overcome, he found himself returning to his battalion and with his previous rank. “I know that the process for re-joining has only gotten slicker since I went through it. And from the point I was given the nod, I was actually back in battalion pretty quickly”.

The Army is reaching out to those who have recently left the Army and maybe now wish they had stayed or just wish to return to serve once again.