21st Century Royal Anglian Soldier Exhibit Arrives in Essex

The Essex Regiment Museum at Chelmsford has become the latest of our forbear Regimental museums to add a Royal Anglian 21st Century Soldier exhibit to their gallery. A modern Royal Anglian Soldier now stands in the same gallery as the Salamanca Eagle.

The centrepiece of the C21 exhibit is a life-size mannequin, dressed and equipped as a contemporary Royal Anglian Soldier. The mannequin is set against a photographic backdrop from Operation Herrick in Afghanistan. The exhibit sits at the end of the Essex Regiment timeline looking forward to today’s Royal Anglian Regiment, and in this case to C (Essex) Company, 1st Battalion in particular.

The C21 Soldier’s integral information panel and the C Company Soldier are in turn further complimented with an audio-visual unit that displays our Royal Anglian films, The Regiment, The Soldier, The Officer, The Reservist.

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