Soldiers Who Have Served

Name: Andrew Foxcroft French

Rank: Major

Regimental number: 492940

Post Nominals: MBE

Date of birth: 10/02/1951

Place of birth: Barnet

Background: Andrew attended Kingsmead School, Hoylake, Cheshire, and Felstead School in Essex. He was keen on all sports, but particularly rugby and cricket.

Army career: Andrew served in many countries with the Regiment, including Germany, Cyprus, Kenya, the USA, Belize and Northern Ireland.

Those who served with Andrew speak of his professionalism, courage and dedication to the tasks in hand. He was immensely loyal to those serving with him, inspiring both trust and respect.

Date of death: 22/05/1986

Circumstances: Andrew was killed by an explosion while on duty in Northern Ireland. 

Resting place: St Andrew’s Church, Aldringham, Suffolk

Major Andrew Foxcroft French Royal Anglian Regiment
Major Andrew Foxcroft French Royal Anglian Regiment