Finedon Branch Memorial Bench

Just over a year ago one of our members, Tim Almond, suggested that it would be good for Finedon if we were to provide a Memorial Bench and site it in a prominent position. This was accepted by the Branch and a request was sent to Finedon Town Council to provide a site for a Memorial Bench within the grounds of the existing War Memorial.

John Reynolds and Neil Richardson are good friends of the Branch and they offered to put on a variety show in our local Star Hall. All profits would go towards the cost of the bench. Soon after the local firm, Scott Bader, said they would contribute the same amount of money raised.

We were now well on the way to getting the funds required. An approach was made to the Town Council and to RHQ Royal Anglian Regiment who both provided grants towards the cost. Further fundraising took place including the proceeds of our annual Christmas Dinner. Funds were now building up and donations came in from friends and family of the branch.

In the meantime, Tim Almond was busy designing and costing the bench. A local tradesman, Mr M Shepard was contacted to supply and fit the entrance gate. Stuart Cooper a good supporter of the Branch agreed to lay the foundation and fit the bench in position. The base was selected to enhance the grounds of the War Memorial.

After a year of planning and fundraising, we were able to have the Bench fitted in the grounds of the War Memorial on 10th September 2023. The Branch held a reception for all those who had helped and contributed to the Bench and by way of a thank you a buffet was prepared by the Ladies of the Branch for our guests. We had a great turnout and a very memorable day.

The Memorial Bench bears our Regimental Badges and is in plain sight for those travelling in and out of Finedon on the Wellingborough Road. It is very much appreciated by the people of Finedon to who’s servicemen the Bench is dedicated. Many thanks to all those who gave their time and effort to make this project viable, and a special thanks to all those individuals and organisations who donated to the fundraising. There are too many to mention but they know who they are.

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