Feedback from the Big Breakfast event

The Big Breakfast event held around the UK and in a few locations further afield for the Regiment and our veterans was a great success. So much so we intend to run similar events going forward.

Some feedback has included:



“The Big Breakfast which was held at the RAFA Club in Bedford managed to attract 18 Regimental Veterans, however those that took part were well looked after and it did attract some veterans the Bedford Association Branch were unaware of.”



“Some people were more excited about the food and meeting their colleagues than the G1 aspect of providing their details”.



“The initiative was well received and the day was enjoyed by all those who attended. We aim to meet again by joining in with the Tri Service Veterans Breakfast Club which is held monthly at the same venue, where I am confident we will be the largest contingent.”


The feedback has been positive overall and lots of thanks coming back to RHQ for paying the bill.

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