Colchester veterans enjoying the Big Breakfast 2023

Royal Anglian Regiment veterans in Colchester enjoyed the Big Breakfast 23 event held on the 25th February at The Playhouse – JD Wetherspoons.

It was great to see old comrades pulling up a sandbag and spin a yarn or two. The Royal Anglian Colchester connection is as strong as ever. There were a couple of guys that had not seen each other in a number of years, once they had shaken hands, it was like they had never been apart. This is the power of strong Regimental bonds. Lots of banter, beers and songs!!


Look at these Anglians,
bloody great supermen,
isn’t grand boys to be one of them,
Lets have a sing song,
Lets have a bloody good time,
And always remember,
the longer you live,
The sooner you’ll bloody well die…

Thank you to Jackie and the team for excellent support and great service. (Playhouse staff).

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