Soldiers Who Have Served

Name: Robert Edward Eke

Rank: Captain

Regimental number: 519920

Date of birth: 09/04/1947

Place of birth: Harpenden, Herts

Date enlisted: 1963

Home town: Woodbridge, Suffolk

Background: Bob was educated at Bournemouth Boarding School. His sporting interests were cricket, boxing and rugby. He enlisted in Luton in 1963 and from there attended the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion at Tomfanau.

Army career: After joining the 3rd Battalion in 1965, his qualities were immediately recognised and he was earmarked for early promotion. He progressed through the ranks to become RSM of the 6th Battalion in 1982 and following that was RSM of the 3rd Battalion. He saw active service in Aden from 1967-68 and completed five tours in Northern Ireland, two of which were residential in Belfast and Londonderry. He also served in Tidworth, Colchester, Bassingbourn, Cyprus, Paderborn and Minden. He was commissioned into the 3rd Battalion serving as MTO, Training Officer. In 1990, he left the Army to look after his wife who was terminally ill. After her sad death Bob re-joined the Army in 1992 and went to Londonderry OC HQ Coy for the Battalion’s final operational merger.

Date of death: 14/10/1992

Circumstances: Derek died of cancer while serving with the Regiment in the UK.

Resting place: Colchester Military Cemetery

Captain Robert Edward Eke Royal Anglian Regiment
Captain Robert Edward Eke Royal Anglian Regiment