Soldiers Who Have Served

Name: Colin Robert Hill

Rank: Captain

Regimental number: 521771

Date of birth: 04/07/1948

Place of birth: Ipswich

Home town: Ipswich

Date of enlistment: 1963

Background: Colin was born in Ipswich, Suffolk and was educated there before enlisting in 1963 at the age of 15 1/2 as a junior soldier. He joined the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment in Celle West Germany and almost immediately his quality and potential were recognised. By his 35th birthday had been appointed RSM of the 5 (V) Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment.

He was subsequently commissioned on 19 Aug 1985 and had recently been appointed Quartermaster of the I st Battalion. During his service Colin served in many countries including West Germany, Cyprus, Kenya and Northern Ireland and visited many others whilst on exercise with the battalion. He was always a staunch supporter of the Vikings with whom he happily served with steadfastness, integrity and loyalty.

Colin showed a great deal of sporting potential, which was encouraged in the family. During his busy and varied career he met and married Cathy in June 1976. They had four sons, and Colin proved to he a devoted husband and father. He died on 23 May 1990 at the St Helena Hospice in Colchester after a short, tragic illness. – from Castle magazine.

Date of death: 23/05/1990

Circumstances: Colin died of cancer while serving with the Regiment in the UK.

Resting place: Ipswich Cemetery

Captain Colin Robert Hill Royal Anglian Regiment