Thursday, August 10, 2017



The Regimental Day will take place at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford on 3rd September 2017.


Programme of Events

All members of our Regimental family are welcomed to their Regimental Day. Music for the day is kindly provided by the Band of the Royal Anglian Regiment and the Corps of Drums of the Essex ACF. The outline timings are:

•0930 hrs Gates Open.

•1100 hrs Muster for Drumhead Service, please be seated by 1115 hours.

•1120 hrs Standards March On.

•1130 hrs Drumhead Service at the Regimental Memorial.

•1230 hrs Bars and Stalls open, picnic tables will be available.

•1300 hrs Musical Recital by the Regimental Band in the picnic area.

•1500 hrs Flag Lowering Ceremony at the Regimental Memorial.

•1700 hrs Bars and Stalls close.
Those attending are made aware that there will be no Beating of the Retreat but a simple Flag Lowering ceremony at the Regimental Memorial to which all are

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