Welcome to the Royal Anglian Regiment website.  The aim of this site is to guide you to the full range of online resources the Regiment has to offer.  It will link you to the relevant pages of the Army website to find out about the Regiment and the wider Army, how to join and much more.  It also brings together the other external Regimental resources including Association, Museum and PRI shop.  Why not bookmark this page so that you can keep yourself up-to-date as the Regiment enters a very exciting era.

About us

The Royal Anglian Regiment was formed in 1964 as one of the new large infantry regiments, through the amalgamation of the regiments of the East Anglia Brigade. The Regiment is one of the most operationally experienced in the Army today, retaining very close links with the 10 counties of East Anglia and the East Midlands that it represents.

We are a Regiment bound together by a close-knit family spirit.We are a Regiment bound together by a close-knit family spirit. Our approach is classless, based on mutual respect and trust, where developing and believing in our soldiers is paramount.

In recent years The Regiment has conducted operations in Northern Ireland, Kuwait, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Bosnia, Cyprus and Afghanistan; and we are deploying on operations again this year and next.

The Royal Anglian Regiment excels in and takes great pride in all three of its Battalions specialising as Light Role Infantry. The benefits of such specialisation have been tried and tested on the most demanding of operations over recent years, with our soldiers consistently proving their ability to ‘step up to the plate’.

We offer full Regular and part-time Reserve opportunities and are recruiting now.  Life in the The Royal Anglian Regiment sets the conditions for career progression for officers and soldiers, with training standards – whichever path you choose – being second to none.

Join us and you will get fit – fitter than you have ever been in your life.  You will soon find yourself at the top of your game as an Infantry soldier and part of a proud Regiment that finds itself at the forefront of operational and training opportunities throughout the World.  For more information on the Regiment, click the Army website link below.

We make it happen.

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